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MAHI is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain with a fixed supply of 10,000,000. The token represents a collection of NFT’s from creators that specialize in marine wildlife and ocean landscapes.

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The “Marine Life” Crypto

The MAHI project will not only acquire incredible pieces of NFT art, but will feature them in a virtual gallery where users can pay a nominal fee to access this exclusive collection. 40% the token supply will be set aside to purchase and lease NFTs to be added to the collection.

A Socially Conscious Crypto

The creators are setting aside 10% of the total supply for ocean conservation efforts. The community will decide when and how the tokens will be dispersed.

mahi mahi token logo

Become Part of the MAHI Community

Community members consists of curators and association managers that help govern the project. They help with ideas, and carry out project initiatives, but most importantly, they decide on what NFT’s should be accepted into the collection. Community members must be invited, and must own at least 10,000 MAHI token or 500 liquidity tokens to be considered.

Frequently Asked

 MAHI is revolutionizing philanthropy, art, and conservation, all in the name of preserving our oceans. Learn more about the MAHI Project in our FAQ.


Why is the transaction (aka GAS) fee so high to swap ETH for MAHI?

The transaction fee is high because the Ethereum network is congested. Try swapping at a different time of the day when the volume is lower. You can use websites such as to track the transaction volume and find the best price. Sometimes the transaction fees can vary significantly by the minute, so keep a close eye on it. A reasonable transaction fee is around $20-30, but could be in excess of $200, so it makes sense to purchase enough MAHI to make it worthwhile to cover the fee. Although paying higher fees is unfortunate, the upside is that it will discourage day traders, and users that have no interest in the project. We encourage our users to “Buy and HODL” as we grow the project.


Why use UNISWAP and not some other exchange?

The issue with other exchanges is that they require a significant amount of volume to be listed. Once MAHI has enough volume, it can be considered for other exchanges where it can be traded more regularly. This is why it’s important to hold your position, and share this project with your friends, family, and co-workers so it can grow. MAHI will eventually move to the V3 exchange, but no announcement has been made as of yet.  


Why doesn’t MAHI have a symbol on UNISWAP?

Uniswap uses Trust Wallet to pull token data such as the token symbol. They require at least 2500 address holders and 5,000 transactions in order to add the symbol. Once MAHI reaches this number, a symbol will be added.


How Do You Buy MAHI-MAHI?

MAHI can be traded on the Uniswap V2 Exchange, but there is very limited supply. The most popular way to purchase is with Ethereum. Here is a step by step guide on how to purchase MAHI. There is a very limited supply that can be traded, so please check our twitter for updates.


Why is UNISWAP only allowing me to buy a certain amount of MAHI?

You may notice while trading for a large amount of MAHI, Uniswap will not allow you to make the trade, or it will warn you to proceed with caution. This could be due to a few things. First off, it could be because there is a lack of liquidity. Liquidity is what gives MAHI value and the ability to trade. Anybody with MAHI tokens can be liquidity providers, and earn MAHI tokens as interest for doing so. But typically the users with the largest holdings will provide liquidity at first. It’s best to wait a few days and check updates on reddit or twitter. Second, there might be some volatility with Ethereum causing high slippage. Slippage occurs when the price of a currency changes while the trade is processing. When the network is congested, it could take several minutes to process, and the trade will cancel itself due to price inconsistency (and you could lose all or part of the transaction fees).


How can I help promote the project?

The best way to promote the project is to share on your social channel, and talk about it with your friends, family, and colleagues. This is not a “pump and dump” scheme, so we highly discourage any posts or actions that undermine the project and hurt investors. Our official social channels will provide excellent content to share that update users and potential investors on the project.