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Investing in MAHI can be simple. Like any investment, purchasing MAHI tokens requires an initial monetary commitment. We encourage our users to “Buy and HODL” as we grow the project.


What You’ll Need to Get Started

Trading MAHI requires different tools than traditional assets. You’ll need just a few things before you can trade MAHI tokens.

Cell Phone or Computer

MAHI, like other crypto currencies, can only be purchased using a cell phone, tablet, or computer.  These devices allow you to access the necessary apps, software, and websites that function as “wallets” and “exchanges” that hold and trade crypto assets.

Crypto Wallet

No, not like the one in your pants pocket. A crypto wallet is a digital wallet allowing traders to safely store crypto assets. We recommend Meta Mask, a secure and trusted software wallet that is available as an app for both iOS and Android users, as well as a Chrome browser extension.

Reliable Connection

Spotty internet connections can result in failed trades, long exchange times, and slippage (losing a small amount of money during trades). While trades can be made easily on a cell phone using data, we recommend a wired/wireless connection to a password protected router. 

Step by Step Guide to Buying MAHI (Using Ethereum)

You can buy and hold MAHI token in a few easy steps. Purchasing MAHI will require Eth (the Ethereum token), or a comparable crypto currency on the Ethereum network.

Step 1

Get a crypto wallet that connects to Uniswap. We recommend meta mask. You can sign up for meta mask for free. It even offers an iphone app.

ethereum coin transparent background

Step 2

Next, you’ll need to acquire Ethereum in order to swap for MAHI. You can receive Ethereum from other wallets via direct deposit, or you can purchase Ethereum directly from the meta mask wallet. There will be fees associated with the purchase of Ethereum, which can range from $10-$100 depending on how congested the network is. You can trade other tokens for MAHI, but Ethereum is the cheapest asset to acquire in order to trade for MAHI.

Step 3

Once you have acquired Ethereum, go to the V2 Uniswap Exchange to initiate the transfer. Select ETH (Ethereum) in the first field, and then click the second field in order to change the token to MAHI.

eth exchange screenshot
mahi token manage token list step 4

Step 4

Since MAHI is a custom token, you are going to have to find it. Go to Manage token lists to find it. The token address for MAHI is 0x4feac5c9808950e79c753aa5d7f8fbf6f3ff8960. Since the token is new, you’ll have to manually add the token to the list using the address. You can also click here to automatically import it.

Step 5

UNISWAP will give a warning, but you can continue to add it. Make sure it says MAHI. Once you import, you can now swap ETH for MAHI.

swap eth for mahi
mahi token swap

Step 6

Once you click the Swap button, you’ll be prompted to confirm. If meta mask is installed properly on your browser or your smart phone, a prompt will appear from meta mask to confirm the transaction. Confirm the transaction, and it will start processing. This could take several minutes. Meta mask will alert you when it has finished.

Step 7

Now in order to view the tokens in your meta mask account, you’ll need to make them available for display. Go to the add tokens button on the bottom of your assets page. Toggle to custom token, and then enter the same address you used in step 4 and then hit next, and then confirm. 

how to add mahi token

CONGRATS! You have just added MAHI to your account.