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Submit your original artwork to our MAHI project curators for a chance to be featured in the world’s first NFT Digital Art Gallery. Join the top marine life and ocean artists worldwide in helping to promote conservation and the beauty of our seas!

NFT Submission Requirements & Information

Our virtual museum will feature NFT’s from creators specializing in marine wildlife and ocean landscapes. Creators must be willing to provide full rights to their work (if selected), which can include video, photo, graphics, and animations. If the artwork is selected by the MAHI curation committee, creators will receive MAHI tokens in exchange for their art.

Concept Selection Guidelines

  • Creativity/Uniqueness/Originality
    • Cannot be re-sold
  • Concept Selection Options (Relation To Ocean Conservation)
    • Beauty and majesty of the ocean and/or it’s marine life 
    • Impact of rising sea levels and pollution 
    • People who rely on the ocean for their livelihood
    • Efforts of conservationists, scientists and those fighting to protect the oceans 
  • Complexity/Level of digital technology used
  • Professional quality (neatness/craft)



Creators will receive 50,000 in MAHI tokens in exchange for original artwork during the initial procurement process. 


Creator must be willing to sell full rights to the creation. The creator will be given proper attribution on the art in the digital gallery.



The artist’s creation must be original. We cannot accept works of art that are currently available on any other NFT marketplace.


The creation must be a video, photo, graphic design, or animation. Let us know if you need assistance converting a work of art to a usable format.



It is preferred to use a file service like dropbox or google drive to send submissions.

supports the cause

The creation must involve marine wildlife or ocean landscapes.

Artist NFT Submission Form

Our digital gallery curators are currently accepting artist submissions for the MAHI Gallery. Be sure to follow all submission requirements listed above, and reach out to our MAHI community on Twitter or Reddit for support.